B&B Le Kenzie - Messina, Sicily

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Bed and Breakfast Le Kenzie - Messina - Sicily

The B&B Le Kenzie is located in Briga Marina, fraction of Messina, and is just 100 meters from the sea.

It consists of four bedrooms with bathroom: Sea, Sky, Earth and Fire, the four main elements of life that are characterized by bright colors and shining with different style and which are harmonized by the stylish interior classic and antique.

The B&B was a great desire of Eng. Galletta, who has conceived and designed, and which was completed by his wife Katia.

Each room is a masterpiece that Eng. Galletta has designed and characterized as a painter is painting her canvas, with precision and sophistication harmonies.

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April 12, 2013

The website of B&B "Le Kenzie" is online: Happy Surfing!

B&B Le Kenzie - Via Comunale, 45 - Briga Marina - Messina
Tel. +39 347 18 65 787
e-mail: info@bblekenzie.it